How You Can Help

The initial goals of Open Zinc are to preserve the code base and to adapt it to current operating systems and compilers. The Open Zinc project has permission to release all legacy code and documentationon through version 4.2. Unfortunately, the project lacks some of this material. If anyone has a copy of missing older code or documentation please contact us and provide us a copy. Material that we currently lack includes all version 2.x code and documetation, version 3.6 code and the NextStep key for version 4.2. If anyone has any of this missing material PLEASE make it available to the project. You can upload files to . Any printed documentation can be nondestructively OCRed and returned to you at our cost, please contact us at for instructions.

Eventually, the framework could be extended regarding functionality, platforms and compilers. To this point the project has largely been a one person effort. Obviously, given the size of the code base and intricacies of multiplatform GUI development this is inadequate.

Ultimately, the best situation would be to have contributers that are expert in all the various operating systems, people that are experienced in open software development, support from complementary open software projects like the excellent open source compilers that are available, persons that could rework and update documentation, webmasters and on and on.

Additionally, the project lacks the ability to test code on all Unix systems previously supported. These include HPUX, DESQview, QNX, SunOS, AIX and SCO Unix. If anyone was able to test current code against these systems it would be very helpful.

In the long run the project would like to extend and improve the code base. Any contributions of expertise would be appreciated.