OpenZinc is an open source software project designed to preserve and enhance Zinc Application Frameworks versions 1.0 through 4.2.

Zinc Application Frameworks continues as a commercial project managed by Professional Software Associates and is currently in version 6.0. We gratefully acknowledge PSA's generosity in making this legacy code available to the programming community. The purposes and advantages of commercial and open source software are very different. The commercial product offers product support, training and custom developement whereas an open source product is maintained only by the community using it. For those looking for a commercial solution we encourage you to contact Professional Software Associates at

The strengths of OpenZinc are its high degree of portability, both among operating systems and compilers, its relatively small size, its excellent documentation and its open license.
OpenZinc and its documentation can be downloaded from the Downloads and Documentation pages. For Zinc versions 1.01 through 4.2 go to the Archives page.